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The Advantage Real Estate Group is a real estate brokerage focused on helping homeowners, landlords, and investors achieve their real estate goals by building their portfolios, managing their assets, and when the time comes, divest their assets for the greatest possible gain and financial security. We focus on investments in single family homes, 1-to-4-unit buildings, and value-add properties.

We exist to bridge the expertise gap between residential and commercial brokerages.

Our experience has been that large, brand name “retail” real estate companies cater primarily to first time and family home clients, not investors. The agents, company, and marketing are geared towards the consumer market, not investors. They can sell your home, but service beyond the sale is limited.

Commercial Brokerages have investment knowledge yet are usually focused on leasing and sales of apartments, commercial assets, and institutional investments, not client education. In commercial real estate, consumer protection is replaced with “Caveat emptor” – buyer beware – as it is considered the realm of the professional and not the general public.

The Advantage Real Estate Group was formed specifically to provide clients the best of both worlds:

  • Consumer outreach
  • Professional advertising and marketing
  • and access to the commercial’s specialized financial tools

We provide sound advice and combine the strengths of each field to give our clients the highest level of representation and get the best possible results.

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