Full service realtor?

Jan 12, 2023

When was the last time your “full service realtor” crawled under a house for you? I trust my inspectors but sometimes they don’t have the answers your clients are looking for. Thank goodness it’s dry under this home. Let me know if you can see the mummified rat!


Bay Area leads nation on $1M+ homes sales

The Bay Area leads the nation in home sales priced at $1 million or more as a percentage of the market, with San Jose topping the list, according to a recent study. In greater San Jose, 61 percent of homes sold for $1 million or more in 2020, according to the...

The 2022 Bay Area Housing Market

Where are interest rates going? What does the 2022 Bay Area housing market hold for buyers and sellers? Interest rates are only part of the story. Using interest rate hikes as an inflation fighting playbook can be tough on housing markets, where spiking mortgage rates...

Prop 19 for CA “seniors”

Proposition 19 replaced previous Propositions 60 and 90 on April 1, 2021, allowing eligible homeowners to transfer the taxable value of their existing primary residence to a replacement primary residence. The new law gives homeowners more options for moving to a...

San Francisco evictions based on owner or relative move-in

A landlord may recover possession of a rental unit for the occupancy of the owner or a relative of the owner for use as their principal residence for a period of at least 36 continuous months.

Airbnbust: The Fall Of Short-Term Rentals

As short-term rental supply continues to increase, occupancy has fallen, getting closer and closer to 2019 levels. By Lindsay Frankel It’s a story that’s echoed across social media platforms from rental property owners across the nation: Vacation rentals are no longer...